Endast 15 % identifierar vad motparten vill ha i början av en förhandling


27% tar fram sina förslag innan ett möte och säkerställer att de når dem


56% baserar eftergifter på vad det kostar bara för dem själv.

Endast 15 % identifierar vad motparten vill ha i början av en förhandling


27% tar fram sina förslag innan ett möte och säkerställer att de når dem


56% baserar eftergifter på vad det kostar bara för dem själv.

Sustainable Business Model?

Christopher Bell Blomquist 28th oktober 2020

Have you ever tried out a simulator, not only on a computer with a joystick or a mouse, but physically sitting in one, flying or driving a plane or a vehicle? I have actually tried a lot of them over the years, even tried sitting in a pilot fligh...

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En värld i förändring

Christopher Bell Blomquist 12th september 2020

Det kan väl lugnt påstås att det händer en hel del just nu och att 2020 så här långt har varit fullt av överraskningar för oss alla både på gott och ont. För vår egen del så har allt fullkomligt rivstartat efter sommaren, då vi i dialog med en ra...

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The Butterfly Effect

Christopher Bell Blomquist 10th augusti 2020

Have you heard about the butterfly flapping its wings in south America and a typhoon strikes in Asia? Well the point is that small matters with absolutely no connection can have a big impact somewhere else in the world.

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On a slow boat to China

Christopher Bell Blomquist 4th juli 2020

There are a lot of boundaries that will be shifted from now on, most of them have not yet occurred to most of us, and some of them will change in such a way its mind blowing. In some cases they will bring back old ways of doing things, and in oth...

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Vår Grundläggande Förhandlingsteknik workshop startar er i en resa mot full kontroll över er förhandlingsteknik.


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ANS 2 kurs i Förhandlingsteknik

Vår Advancing Negotiation Skills kurs 2 (A.N.S.2) är en vidareutvecklings kurs för den mer erfarne förhandlaren.A.N.S.2 innehåller fem nya praktiska förhandlingssituationer som vi tränar med hjälp av video. A.N.S.2 tar er förhandlingsträning till nästa nivå, vilket ökar på era kunskaper, ert självförtroende, skaparen mer kontroll samt ger er nya verktyg.


En introduktion till förhandlingsprocessen


Håll era medarbetare väl förberedda att förhandla framgångsrikt


Leda och hantera team i komplexa, flerparts förhandlingar konstruktivt


Har ni någonsin frågat er själv hur väl ert team eller företag förhandlar? Vår NSCS kommer att jämföra er med vår utvärdering av de bästa beteendet vi sett globalt och ge er en rapport som hjälper er förstå era styrkor och utvecklingsområden inom förhandlingsteknik


Under 2015 så utvecklade Scotwork en undersökning som skulle besvara frågan” Hur väl förhandlar mina medarbetare?” 2020 är vi i läget att vi här kan säga att vi idag har den mest omfattande datainformationen om förhandlare och deras uppfattning om deras styrkor, tillkortakommanden och förståelse för förhandlingsprocessen.

Global Negotiation Skills Capability Report

This report provides the world’s most comprehensive insight into the skills developed and tactics employed in business communities around the world to trade and bargain for benefit. Respondents vary from the C-Suite to sales directors, heads of procurement and category buyers. They all negotiate regularly for their companies but are not professional negotiators.

Negotiating in Uncertain Times

Over the past months we have endured unprecedented disruption. This sequence of events has taken us from uncertainty to hyperuncertainty, a frozen state of mind that hinders normative behaviour. This eBook provides some strategic, tactical and skill-based ideas on how to negotiate more successfully in these hyperuncertain times.

Negotiating Begins at Home

To weather the crisis, we all need to stick together and work together. But, with all these new pressures, how do families and households stay co-operative and conflict-free? How do you and your cohabitants find a way to get what you want without raising hackles and kicking off a civil war? Applying a few negotiation skills may well be the answer. Here are seven easy ways to use negotiation technique to make lockdown life more tolerable for everyone.

Top Tips & Hints for Negotiating Virtually

We are confined to thinking about how we adapt our current means of negotiating to a new environment, so let’s turn the whole thing inside out and think about how video conferencing platforms empower us to do things differently.

Negotiating via Email

While email is convenient and expedient, it’s fraught with peril for both skilled and unskilled negotiators alike. This eBook provides top tips on how to negotiate via email.

Telephone Negotiations

Top tips on how to handle phone negotiations

Keep Sharp - Negotiation Skill Tips

Our negotiation skill tips are a distillation of, often, complex analysis into simple, practical, usable language and techniques designed to be relevant in the real world. This eBook is collection of top 10 skill tips for successful negotiation.

The Dirty Tricks of Negotiation and How to Spot Them

Negotiation can be hazardous. There are dozens of underhand tactics out there designed to wrest control and push you from the negotiating table empty-handed. Hard to detect, these dirty tricks can be ruthlessly effective. They can catch you off-guard and force you to concede again and again. Identifying and side-stepping these threats will help you keep control and secure a better deal.

The Dirty Tricks of Negotiation and How to Spot Them 2

Every day Scotwork experts observe negotiation in action all over the world. Over 100,000 hours of deal-making analysis has exposed a minefield of sneaky tactics, ranging from the slightly questionable to the downright dirty. Dirty Tricks Volume 2 builds upon the popularity of Dirty Tricks Volume 1 and brings together 10 more of the most notorious negotiation tricks.

5 Tips for Negotiation Preparation

Need help with preparation? Here are 5 easy tips on how to prepare for negotiations.

10 Negotiation Dilemmas

Who goes first? Do I ask for what I want? Here is the list of 10 most common dilemmas faced by the negotiator.

10 Tips for Negotiating your Salary

Have you got a salary review coming up? Here are 10 top tips on how to negotiate your salary package.

10 Tips for the Negotiator Who Wants Answers

Having problems getting the information you need from the other party? Here are 10 tips on how to ask questions in negotiation.

Dealing With Difficult People

Alan Smith
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Negotiation Is A Trading Process

Robin Copland
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Hope Is Not A Strategy

John McMillan
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Scotwork Negotiating Essentials - Detailed Clip



The Benefits of Scotwork Negotiation Skills Training

Nick Ford - Director, Global Client Operations at WPP

Scotwork Essentials - Short Clip

Scotwork Preparation Tool Tutorial