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Publiserat: mar 05 , 2020
Författare: Christopher Bell Blomquist

One conclusion is that we are all trained to argue and to try and persuade others into seeing the world as we do, and if they don’t, try harder, if necessary, use force. Most sales trainings that I have attended in my life has the same concept and build on the perception to persuade, or by manipulation, get you what you want.


Publiserat: feb 09 , 2020
Författare: Christopher Bell Blomquist

Well, here we are, and things has not developed quite as you have expected it to do, so what now, what are your plans, and is there anything else you can do to improve your situation? It is quite common that plans, strategies, and tactics do not always develop the way we expect and, as in most cases, different factors will have an impact on your business. In most cases it’s something you did not see coming, or even if you did, it was not as great a problem, but in combination with a few other happenings, it can become devastating.


Publiserat: jul 26 , 2019
Författare: Christopher Bell Blomquist

Way back, Monthy Python made a great sketch about a man who would like to pay for arguing, the famous sketch started off with a short dialogue, that suddenly ends with John Cleese saying, "Time is up", and the man answering "No it isn't" and John says "Yes it is". It is so easy to sometimes fall into the trap of expressing an opinion, and ending up in a furious argument over a principal that none of us will ever back down from.

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Publiserat: maj 06 , 2019
Författare: Christopher Bell Blomquist

It is quite interesting to have the possibility to pick someone's brain when you know they got the knowledge you are looking for, and if they have a lifetime of experience that you would love to get access to. It is not always the case that they will give you the advice or answer you are looking for, especially when you either don't have the right relationship with them, or when there is not enough trust between you.

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