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Publiserat: dec 27 , 2019
Författare: Christopher Bell Blomquist

First of all, I must say Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you all, and what a year it has been, and what a lovely Christmas we just had. It is always nice to meet family and friends over some nice food and wine, it’s also nice to enjoy being together and see the grandchildren and getting to know them better. I sometimes wonder what world my grandchildren will be growing up in and if they one day will come and ask us about some of the events happening around us lately.


Publiserat: okt 10 , 2019
Författare: Christopher Bell Blomquist

Well, Brexit is definitely turning in to a nightmare for everyone, it will become a reality show well worth following, and for our historians, something they will analyse for ages. One thing is for sure, the doom and gloom of Brexit is becoming a reality that most of us has to endure or suffer while we try to conduct our everyday business with hope of success. I am not sure we will be bailed out if we need some help, especially if things get out of control, the options left are now down to ”No deal” or ”Extension”.


Publiserat: sep 15 , 2019
Författare: Christopher Bell Blomquist

All kinds of relationships can easily become difficult, not necessarily because people are evil or that they have a hidden agenda they are trying to pursue. Things have a tendency some times to develop in to the wrong direction due to external factors that in the end will affect your business or the relationship you are in. It's also quite common that business relationships over time take the wrong turn, especially when one side has the power and uses it to push the other one too far, typically over price.

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