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Nothing succeeds like success

Christopher Bell Blomquist

It is one thing that we run a lot of courses and trainings with different companies, in many cases it is all about training them into how they can be successful in their own world and in their own business cases in a proper way, and still stay in control.

Once you are trained and have learned our skills, you sometimes need som guidance in how you can become even more successful in your own businesses and also get a consultants view on what other options you have, to reach the best possible outcome.

When you tap in to our experience with a lot of global companies, then you get access in to making sure you get some adequate tips and tools to secure the outcome, whatever the obstacles are, or whatever the circumstances you are in.

The most common mistake that we see is that some clients get hung up on minor issues that really is not important for the final outcome, or that they limit them self in what way they think it can be solved, from their point of view.

Another aspect that turns up is, who is going to handle the deal and how can they support each other, when they meet their customer and have to handle whatever their customer wants from them in return.

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We can give you access to our toolbox, and the knowledge from all the years of consulting different companies around the world in different sectors.

We can also provide the insight you need in what went wrong, and how to get back on track again, making sure you do not end up in the same situation again.

It is quite interesting to challenge our customers in a polite way, helping them to understand what they need to grasp in their own business cases.

The discussion we have, is everything from how to handle different personalities and the way they act, or to salvage a relationship, or to handle long terms global deals, due to that business is getting more and more global, and that local today, has another meaning than for just 5 years ago.

These workshops can be set up to discuss, train, prepare, etc just to give you a small insight in what we are doing in a session of 8 hours.

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Every skill, everything we know from our experience, can be tapped in to and used to help you secure the best deal possible.

We can also help you determine when and how to say no, in such a way that you will help your clients refocus on what is a good deal for both of you.

The techniques we share are all proven over years of business interactions and used by both small and global companies, organisation and even governments.

We love train wrecks , we thrive when there is an obstacle on the road forward, for us conflicts are a natural part of everyday interactions, absence of conflicts, or just trying to avoid conflicts, are not always the best way forward.

If the deal is made to easy without any struggle, there were probably more to get and in some cases more to give, from your customer.

If it was too easy to reach a deal, they will probably come back for more, if it becomes too difficult they may not come back at all.

To analyse the situation in a proper way, and understanding the strength and weakness on your side and on your customers side can secure that you manage to get the best deal possible, without ruining the relationship you built up over the years.

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If you are in for a one-off deal, and do not care about the consequences, then we can help you too, but we would probably be able the help you redefining your killzone into something better in the long run.

Anything that we know or learn about you or during our workshops is confidential, and everything we share of experience is made in such a way that it can not be traced back to any specific company.

All the skills we share, and all the recommendations we give, are proven in the real world, it is up to you, how you would like to use it in a proper manner.

We can also help you over time by having these workshops until you reach a positive outcome of your ordeals, issues, conflicts, business cases, or whatever you would like to call them.

Christopher Bell Blomquist
Managing director Scotwork Sweden
BellBlomquist Consulting.

Christopher Bell Blomquist
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